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The games in

Our escape room

Investigate everything around you. Discover our secret places to find the puzzle pieces. You have to use your critical thinking skills tо escape thе room Hurry up! Time is running out.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Mission

It is an escape room inspired by the Harry Potter story.
In this time you will find yourself in the shoes of a group of adventurous wizards from Hogwarts who will have to solve mysteries to escape from cursed forest.

  • Especially for 4-6 adults. (from 14 yo with adults)

  • Difficulty: 78%

  • Fear factor: 30%


Parallel Dimension

You had been about to rush upon four most sly „dimension gangsters” in a final, well organized action when they leaded you out of your way with a brilliant trick. You have only one hour to catch them; after that time, the tachion whirlpool will collapse and this world will be destroyed – together with you inside.

  • Especially for 2-6 adults. (from 12 yo with adults)

  • Difficulty: We can balance

  • Fear factor: nothing

Las Brujas

Las Brujas

The age of witches began with the first clan, the oldest and most respected, on whose crest there was a black rose. In order to unravel the mystery of the first queen’s clothes, there are several clues that will help you.

  • Especially for 2-4 adults. (from 12 yo with adults)

  • Difficulty: We can balance

  • Fear factor: 40%

Finally an escape room for adults

Bring out the child in you. Enjoy an unforgettable hour with your friends, with the ones you love most. Relive the feeling of freedom and forget your daily problems. Feel happy and winner.


“Lo pasamos genial y sin duda repetiremos!! Fue nuestra primera experiencia con este tipo de actividades y se nos pasó el tiempo volando… Estuvimos todo el tiempo en tensión, y fue justo en los últimos 5 segundos que lo conseguimos!!, Muchas gracias por todo y un besito!!”

portrait of Rocio Reina

Rocio Reina