Story of the room


After a long search, lasting two years, finally you are standing in front of  the legendary treasure. You have found the three most ill-famed pirate captains’ treasury that had been known lost. The documents, describing the route to it, mentioned that the gold is under malediction.

Unfortunately, you were deluded by your love of adventure and, just during taking the last steps, you were imprudent. So, the entry has been blocked and you cannot find the exit. The sly pirates had hidden the code of leaving the cave in a tricky way. Moreover, the three different parts of the settling code were separated, so, they could leave the cave only together because they didn’t know each other’s code details.

In this way, you can leave the place only using together the three details of the code and take the treasure out that you have gained after so many adventures. But before leaving with the treasure and enjoing the richness , you are in front of a last and heavy test. If you fail, you might stay as captives of the cave forever.

Hurry up! Time is running.

difficulty: * * * * *

fear factor: *

time: 1 hour

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