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Story of the room

Parallel dimension

You had been about to rush upon four most sly „dimension gangsters” in a final, well organized action when they leaded you out of your way with a brilliant trick.

This room is the office of your second selves in the parallel dimension, who are working on the solution of the same problem but they are much far behind you with their results. Though you had already all of data about the four gangsters, a diversion caused by the tachion whirlpool has brought a loss of memory on you. You cannot remember even the gangsters’ faces. You have forgotten almost the whole material of investigation you gathered so far. Seemingly you have to build up the whole profile again from the fragments you can find here. You have to fit the puzzle for escaping from this dimension and catching the „dimension gangsters” who are threatening the world. You have only an hour for doing it; after that the tachion whirlpool will collapse and this world will be destroyed – together with you.

Observe everything thoroughly. Search through every nook, find the lost fragments. As here we are in parallel dimensions, your second selves’ way of thinking is a bit different from yours. That is why many things have to be interpreted according to an unusual logic.

Hurry up! Time is running.

difficulty: * * * * *

fear factor: *

time: 1 hour

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