the first room escape game in Malaga


What to do in Malaga?

Find the secrets and escape before the time runs up!

escaPark is Málaga’s original real-life room escape game. You have 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of a hidden room, working as a team of 2-6 to solve a variety of quirky and inventive puzzles to escape.

Find the Secrets

escaPark Rooms

Discover our secret places

In room escape Málaga every single room has a different story. But they all have something in common… there has to be a way out so you can escape from escaPark! Some of them might look just like an ordinary room, but they are hiding mysterious puzzles.

Choose the plan that fits you better!

  • Is it customized for you?
  • Explanation of the game
  • Special story
  • Tolerance to be late
  • Countdown starts
  • Difficulty of the game
  • Leave after 1 hour
  • 2. line for bonus
  • Enter monthly draw
  • Photo or puzzle by player
  • Basic
    50 / Group
    • as in other room escapes
    • promptly
    • fixed, anyway
  • Luxury
    69 / Group
    • customized
    • (deeper)
    • up to 15 minutes
    • when enter the room
    • customized

What people say about escaPark

Holidaying in the Costa Del Sol? Or are you expat in Malaga?
Looking for great mystery in Malaga? Look no further. escaPark is the first real-life room escape game in Malaga. You have to reveal the mystery of a hidden room, secrets, variety of quirky and inventive puzzles.
If you have ever done room escape before or if you have never done real-life room escape this room escape game in Malaga is for you. You are going to forget your daily problems, stress by solving puzzles, revealing secrets of that fantastic room escape game in Malaga. Get a nights out Malaga, attractions in Malaga, family night outs, that what to do in Malaga.

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